Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Live Every Day as Your Last? Not Bloody Likely, Mate!

‘Live Every Day as if its Your Last’. Famous expression. I have been known to try and do this on occasion but not very often. For years, I have beaten myself up for not doing it, for not being more happy-go-lucky and more feckless. But now I’m kind of glad. While I agree with the sentiment to a degree, on the other hand if you do live like that, chances are your last day will be fairly soon because you will starve to death.

Let’s face it, if I lived each day like my last, you wouldn’t be getting this blog post! I would probably be in a Den of Iniquity seeking out some sexy person to make all my dreams come true. Very, very fast. And I would be smoking like a trooper, drinking like a party girl and probably trying to eat a lot of chocolate and cheese. It’s not like I’d have to worry about the migraine. But those are not all the things I love doing, they are not even the tip of the iceberg. But they’re all you can do on your last day. I mean, who wants to start a book and not know the ending? Who wants to write some beautiful poetry and not have time to read it? Alright, climbing a mountain and watching the sunset is doable and worth it, but it sounds like a lot of exertion for one’s last day.

That style of life would soon wear out. For a start, I’d be really fat and have bad lungs. But I’d have no money, no job, no food on the table and no future. Spending everything and doing everything I wanted would cost me all that.

Living like this is what got the world into this mess. Living as though there is no tomorrow has left us in a precarious situation where tomorrow is looking less and less appealing by the second. Is that really what one wants from life?

So no, I don’t want to live every day as if its my last and I don’t think it’s a good message to give our children or anyone else. Live each day as if you have a future, a wonderful future filled with possibility. It may not be happen and it may not be as wonderful as you would like, but in the off chance that it is at least you’ll be around to see it!

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