Friday, 30 March 2012

Mice, Men, Plans...

‘The best laid plans of mice and men…’ one of my mother’s all time favourite quotes. As a child, I hated it. I was just so sick of hearing it repeated that I came to dread anything going wrong for the proclamation that must surely follow.

These days, I have come to appreciate it. That’s my excuse for missing nearly two months of my blog. That and the line ‘If you’re going to fuck it up, fuck it up in style’. Not for me the mere missing of two weeks, no I wanted to miss a full two months. Next time, I’ll aim for two years (joke!).

So the post today is how about whether this is my fault or the fault of the fates. Well, I have to admit to it being a definite 50/50, with maybe even an extra 10 heading my way. Yes, my head was a little all over the place and yes my social calendar suddenly resembled something from Sex and the City (albeit somewhat nerdier) but I could have taken the time to write one or two pieces a week. Most weeks anyway. And I didn’t. Why is that? Is it that one more thing I just can’t handle or is it pure laziness? How much of it is an excuse that I used to kid myself when I simply had no ideas, no witticisms and no energy? Well, I had witticisms and energy, I was just using those on the aforementioned social calendar (more on the word ‘aforementioned’ in my next post. Yes, there is a plan for a next one. Ladies, gentlemen and others, we have the suggestion of commitment).
I’m going to confess I had very few ideas. My bus journeys suddenly became a precious few minutes to sleep/read/daydream in a hectic schedule and my usual ‘profound thinking’ (written without a straight face) had to take a back seat with the smokers and the junkies. I am hoping to salvage it though. Tonight, on my way home, I intend to give it a shake, pour some coffee down its throat in the hope of sobering it up and beg it to sit next to me and converse a while. I’m sure it will have some lovely psychedelic stories to tell.

Until then…

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